Heineken Time Capsule

Sales Promotion, Concept origination, creative, graphics, prototype development production management

As part of Heineken’s drive to increase market share, we were asked to create an memorable experience for consumers. The consumer was invited to win a Star Performance in the Time Capsule. With every purchase of Heineken, consumers collected Time neck tags, each tag scratch card was worth a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 5 seconds. When the customer collected 15 seconds they could then enter the Time Capsule and grab as many Heineken Dollars as possible. The amount of Dollars collected equalled a brand prize.

We designed and manufactured the Time Capsules with the help of our local Cape Town supplier. The idea was part of a raft of ideas for Heineken’s Premium Brands Tailored Services Packages in line with changing market conditions and customer needs.

Global best practice promotion

The campaign saw an increase in sales. On launch night sales were over 800% in the outlet. The idea created In Bar Theatre experience for customers and grew in popularity and ultimately received from Heineken a Global Best Practice accolade and was launched five other countries.

  • Promotion Kits included: Countdown Clocks Promoter Clothing Neck Tags
  • Posters
  • Tent Cards
  • Heinken Dollars
  • Trade Presenters